Sound Art


Adorno Sound System is a Sound Art Collective breaking New Barriers in Sound which assess the relation between concept and object, between the set of properties implied by the concept and the object’s actuality. Beauty mediates between subject and object. Beauty is contained in the cognitive or truth-content of works of art. All beauty reveals itself to persistent analysis. But works of art are not merely inert objects, valued or known by the subject; rather, they have themselves a subjective moment because they are themselves cognitive. It is in the shared experience of object and subject, the joint analysis, that beauty is revealed, more like a a juxtaposed rather than integrated cluster of changing elements that resist reduction to a common denominator, essential core, or generative first principle. What is ”new” is only one concretized potential that by its manifestation indicates the existence of the other potentials that have not been realized. The art object as simultaneously wound and weapon, that is, as a kind of wound that enacts its own wounding.  The new is the longing for the new, not the new itself. Once utopia is captured, it can no longer be utopia.